i5 VS i7, any issues?

Hey everyone !

I am going to upgrade my computer soon, and going from a i7 860 (first gen) to a better proc ; the reason is that my computer is having multiple BSOD while using either Cubase, ProTools, or Kontakt StandAlone. I read somewhere that maybe the processor was to blame because of the hyperthreading, and that there was a known issue with 1rst gen i7

However many people here use more recent generations of the i7 on their machine without an issue, so I could go for an i7. Question is : is the hyperthreading still a possible source of issues ?
If not, is it worth having an i7 or an i5 from the last gen is more than enough (my i7 runs smoothly entire orchestras, when the software launches, I just need more RAM).

Gentlemen, fellow composers? :smiley:

You can see my config in my sig. In my Studio I have an i7 (Gen. 3) and at home an i5 (Gen. 3) Lenovo laptop. Both
work perfectly with C8 and C7 respectivley. Plenty Tracks and Plugins. HT has alway been “on”, on my configurations,
no issues.

More RAM i(16 or 32GB) s definitly a good idea.

  1. I have occasional crashes of the P4 where it just leaves “Cubase” mode while I’m changing a track or adding a new instrument or switching between modes, if that makes sense… Basically up in the left corner of the screen, the controller will indicate that it’s connected to Cubase