i7 2600K

I’m setting up new DAW and so pay att to new stuff coming to the market. Has anyone heard about usefulness and compatibility of new Intel processor group/chipset (P67, H67, or upcoming Z68) for audio application (Cubase, Wavelab, MR816x)

Thanx in advance … W

P67 seems better than H67 (it offers more room for fine tuning and overclocking)
Seems to be nice for a DAW
Check benchmarks here (2nd picture):



A link to a discussion about it all, 2600K with a P67 would seem to be the way to go. 2500K disappoints for now.
Hope we see Scott (jschilds) back here, though he is probably a little busy at the moment,

An important quote from Scott ----------" i thought the X58 platform was a difficult DYI build this looks to be even more laden with potential pitfalls"

— most of which seem to be down to which motherboard you choose and how to configure that particular board. I am going to wait to see which board(s) is/are best. Had my eye on the Gigabyte P67 UD5.