I7 3770k Still very useable

Just thought i would make a little post as everyone seems to go on about the latest and greatest Chip releases .
The i7 3770k third generation with 32gb of ram running C11 and Sl 7 pro in still a very capable machine and very cheap now so if anyone’s on a budget then you can consider this as it was one of the top machines form 7 years ago .
I have approx 70 tracks , over 100 plugins on a buffer size of 1024 and this runs like a dream still . Obviously if your projects are more Cpu intensive then no it’s not for you but now we are in the ago of Computers standing the test of time this could be an option for medium sized projects .
Just because it’s old doesn’t mean it won’t do the job , if you need more power ,Audiogridder and link another 3770k or a few .
The cheaper and stable way into Cubase

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Totally! My home-built i7-3770k on a gigabyte motherboard from the same era is still going strong. Seems like it will never get outdated.

Exactly Steve , we are in an era where computers will out live us and even become antiques .
When i built this machine back in 2013 i followed Steinbergs recommendations and 7 years later it’s still going strong , no other software installed than Cubase , Sl,Wl and Halion in all those years , im more probably jinxing the machine now but still runs perfect :wink:

“Your machine is doomed!” Hope that reverses the jinx :crazy_face:

Yes, that’s my cpu also, working fine. I tend to use synth plugins more and more , sometimes i have to freeze some tracks

ahaha no change there then after 30 years of an update path im fully prepared :rofl: :upside_down_face:

Freezings good but bare in mind for the price of another tower 3770 you can off load your plugins for more resources :love_you_gesture:t6: :grin:

as my 2nd pc my old i7 960 overclocked to 4gig with 18gig of memory (12 years old) still works fine and can cope with large projects. My son uses this now while I have a i9. Yes it’s faster but for the size of projects I do (lots of vstis and probably 20 audio tracks) it’s not that different. What makes the biggest difference is the M.2 drives I’m using. Great for loading samples quickly. Especially the huge ones I use fir SD3