i7 or i5 intel processor??

I have for a long time been running my cubase on iMac with an i7 chip. Im looking to buy a new iMac and wondered if theres anyone out there running there cubase on i5 and what sort of results they are getting?

I run Cubase 10.5 pro on a win 10 intel core3, 8Gb Ram…Steinberg Ur22c, its running!!!

It is not that fast with big projects. I have to do one thing at a time and if I record, to disable some track to free some CPU, but it’s working.
I guess a new Mac with i5 will be fine!!!

And if you have an old Mac, the old i7 may be much worse than the contemporary i5. look at theperformance of the processor you want to buy and compare it with your i7, this is what it counts not the name

You’re considering the i5 iMac because you’ll get more cores? The i5 iMac will work fine with Cubase, but you’ll be better off configuring it with the i7. Even the 6 core iMac can be configured with the i7.

So are you saying a present day i5 is probably more powerful than a 2013 i7?

it depends on which i7 you have, because in 2013 there were many, and which i5 you want to buy
if you bought the mac in 2013 it was likely the i7 of 2012 used in it

i7 of 2012 didn’t have 6 cores as the current ones but only 4… and a frequency varying from 2.5 to 3.5 Ghz, you should check which is your model

some i5 of 2019 have 4 cores and a turbo function that arrives at 4 Ghz…

compare…I think it’s really possible that some i5 are faster than some older i7. I am not an expert tough

Are you asking me or worshiptuned? I’m not saying that. I’m saying you should be looking at the i7 iMac. Or…you should be thinking of getting an Apple Silicon mac, either now or next year. I suspect people who buy an Intel mac right now will regret it.

Sorry GlenO but I misread your message however I see what your saying about the new M1 Macs but I need an iMac asap. Many thanks for the links worshiptuned-much appreciated-and I think as summary it would be wise to go with an iMac with an i7. Many thanks for everyones input

Does Cubase 10 even run on the new Mac platform?

I think a lot depends on what other 3rd part plugins you use. Some VSTs are very processor hungry. A i7 might most probably be better.

I decided to with i7 to be on the safe side