i7 or i9 - Worthy upgrade?

Anyone here updating their PC and whether to decide to either go with a Broadwell-e or wait (until June) for the latest Skylake X update as well as the new X299 mobos? Do you think it would be a worthy improvement or a marginal one?

I would have though that the latest and greatest would be best but, for the time being… maybe not. :frowning:

Regards :sunglasses:

I choose i9 to upgrade

Seems to me that x99 is pretty much done, right? So new CPUs from Intel will be on x299, not x99, meaning investing in x99 seems a bit limiting.

In addition, since Intel now announced pricing on these new CPUs AMD will probably respond relatively soon on the pricing on their Threadripper CPUs, and motherboard manufacturers should follow around the same time I’m guessing. So, there could be a pretty good case for waiting at least for AMD’s pricing to come out before buying anything. The Ryzen CPUs already dropped a little in price, and it’s sort of silly the amount of horsepower we’re getting these days compared to just back in February!