i9-9900K from i7-8700K - worth it?

I asked this question before I upgraded my PC. Now since I’m running 11 Pro - I have an 8700K with 32 Gb of memory on a Z390 board. I could sell the i7 for about AU$350 and get an i9-9900 for about AU$700. This would be an unusual upgrade because I think I only need the CPU, since the board I have will run the i9. My main issues are: load times of projects and bouncing audio. I don’t have issues with plug-ins. So before the window passes by - by that I mean a different processor family arrives, requiring new mainboard and RAM - is this a worthwhile investment in you opinion? Thanks for your time - it’s much appreciated.

I don’t think it will make much difference to load times. I never noticed any big difference in this area when I went from a very old i7 to my new i9. Bounce was quicker but I’m not sure you will see a big difference. You may be better sticking with what you have for a few years and upgrading 2nd hand later on. I updated my old i7 getting memory and cpu from eBay really cheap.

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Cheers. Appreciate your experience.

If load times are an issue then maybe look at what kind of drives you’re using and how they’re connected…

If it’s not a question of money for you, I would take it.

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All my projects run from a dedicated SSD. I’m guessing it’s VSTi’s; lots of groups and Waves plug-ins on many tracks.