IAA app naming problem

I’ve noticed is that with some apps the developers name is displayed in front of the app name. Which means if you have a lot of apps from the same developer you cannot easily decider which app is the one you want as Cubasis displays the developer name first. This doesn’t happen with all apps, and it doesn’t happen in GarageBand (only the app name is shown) so I figure it’s something that can be fixed in Cubasis to just show app names, not proceeded by the developer name.

Example apps that are affected by the naming problem are:
Mini, z3ta+, FunkBox, DXi FM Synthesizer, NLogSynth Pro, Galileo Organ, Magellan, UltraPhaser and AD480 Pro

I’ve attached two screenshots. One showing the IAA list in Cubasis and the other in GarageBand. You can see how the GB doesn’t show the developer names.


Having Cubasis automatically label the tracks using the IAA app names is fine, but once we manually label them to something else, that track label should stick and not be changed again automatically, it messes everything up and we label tracks for a reason!