IAA effects selection glitch/bug...1.7.2

@PaulB said:

On my IPad 2 in insert effects I get down to the 19th app and then they disappear if I scroll any further. However, in send effects I get as far as the 21st app before it goes blank. I also have quite a few duplicated entries, but that may be a separate issue…

Exactly the same glitchy behaviour here on ipad air ^^

See the detail in the link below…


Hi Dave,

Can you send us your 19th app IAA insert list.


Hope this helps…last app before list goes blank is master FX…


Hi Dave,

Thank’s for the Video !

I can confirmed this bug, it’s everytime reproducible, if you installed min. 21 iAA effects.
It’s to be planned to fixe this issue in the next update.

best jan

Please test and make sure this list bug does not also exist when listing IAA instruments and generators.