IAA unreliable??

I’m not sure if I’m the only one having this issue.

I’m finding that using IAA instruments in Cubasis is incredibly unreliable.

As an example, if I create a new project and add Nave, DM1 and AUFX dub I find that after a while AUFX will stop working (the meters in the app don’t receive a signal).

Another example is when I load a project (I have many projects) that has IAA instruments and effects I can rarely load the project without errors (the go to the home screen, launch the app, kill it error). I’ve had this issue since IAA support was added.

Is it just me? I’m surprised that I haven’t seen more people talk about this so assume its just an isolated issue.

Can Steinberg comment?

I have a 64GB iPad Air.

I recognise these problems. Some of it, I suspect, is down to having too many resource intensive apps open at once. The higher end synths (Nave, Z3TA, iMini, iSEM, Tera all spring to mind) each use quite a bit of CPU and RAM. Add a few effects and two or three of these together and I can soon get problems.

I’ve had no end of problems getting DM1 and Cubasis working using IAA.

Steinberg: is this an issue with Cubasis, IAA or the instrument/effect?

Do other sequencers have this issue?

It seems Audiobus is much more reliable but I just hate having to set it up in addition to running Cubasis.

If this were the case I’d expect it to not work initially. I don’t have a problem when creating a track initially, just when I come back to it later and have to reload.


In general, Audiobus seems more reliable compared to Inter-App Audio in some cases.
Please refer to the In-App Help of Cubasis and have a look at “Accessories / Inter-App Audio / Limitations of Inter-App Audio routing” to learn more about the limitations about IAA and the possible ways around it.

You can have a look at the manual online following this link:


Thanks. Let’s hope iOS 8 does a better job.