IAC-Driver instruments (e.g., MainStage) and Dorico Mixer

Sound-wise, IAC instruments sync ideally with Dorico. Overall playback is fantastic. But I cannot seem to get them to appear in the mixer. And for that reason, they are not included in MP3 audio file processing.

Any insight on this?

Dorico doesn’t receive any audio back from the IAC bus; it’s effectively a MIDI device. So it’s not possible to route that audio back into Dorico’s mixer. You might consider using a tool like Audio Hijack to record the audio generated by the whole system during playback.

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Follow-Up On This:

On Mac OS, two support apps are invaluable for coordinating IAC instruments into the Dorico mix: BlackHole and MultiSoundChanger.

BlackHole easily creates aggregate setups for the entire iOS sound scheme, and MultiSoundChanger replaces and expands the system sound output & volume control.

These two helper apps have made MainStage immediately accessible with Dorico mixes, using Audacity to record the whole. Totally workable.