IAC Driver / Logic: Only One Channel Sending

Hey there friends,

I was hoping someone might have a bit of advice for routing Dorico’s MIDI data to controlling tracks in Logic.

I’ve been following this tutorial:

For some reason I can only get this to work on one channel. In Play mode, I assign the IAC bus’s first MIDI channel to the track/staff I’m wanting to send to Logic, and it works great for both input mirroring and playback.

However, if I do the same, setting the next staff to IAC channel 2 in play mode, and then setting the corresponding strip in logic to channel 2 as well, there is no mirroring or playback at all.

I’ve experimented with different routings in the Logic Environment, as well as various approaches of switching the order in which applications are opened etc.

Has anyone else happened to encounter this at all? Thank you so much for any help you might be able to provide!

Andrew D

In the screenshots attached below, one shows the Dorico project in Play mode, showing the assignment of each staff to the IAC driver.

Then in Logic is the assignment of each to the MIDI channel as well as the MIDI environment.

So channel 1 works great - in Dorico it both plays back the logic vst channel strip and mirrors the input on the MIDI keyboard. Channel 2 is silent for some reason.

Thank you so much for reading this! I switched to Dorico a couple of months ago and have been rebuilding my workflow after over a decade of Finale - going back, it feels so constricting. UI is a big thing for me, and Dorico’s UI/workflow is something that actually makes you excited to sit down and make a project. For me so far it has been so worth the effort of relearning the flow of things, and mirrors the way I think about the ‘zones’ of the creative process. Beautiful & inspiring work!!!

PS the versions are:

Dorico 3.5
Logic 10.4.8
macOS 10.13.6

Update: I got it sorted. It’s actually not a Dorico issue at all but rather a quirk in Logic.

In Logic you have to specify within the VST itself AS WELL as the channel strip which MIDI channel to receive. For most of the built in plugins it does this automatically, but I was using Kontakt in Logic coupled with Apple’s built in reverbs…

Thanks so much and hope that no one has lost any time checking this out.

FWIW I checked out the routing on a MIDI monitor and of course Dorico was outputting the IAC messages perfectly. Woop!

Thanks y’all!

Welcome to the forum, adrannon. I’m glad you were able to get this sorted out!