I'am Waiting my activation code by mail but never arrived!

On 26/12/2020 I updated cubase 8.5 with cubase11 at the price of 159 euros More than 24 have passed since my upgrade from cubase 8.5 to cubase 11. I have not received the email with the download activation code to redeem the product !! This is no good Steinberg, it is not possible you still have these elementary problems. I read that it is not the first time, it’s shamfull create this kind of problems to your customers. how it is possible that you do not give the activation code in the folder to download the program, but that you still use mail systems that are not working. You took my money, but I don’t have a working product.
Totaly insane!

hi - obviously we don’t know what happened and why you didn’t receive the email…it may not be Steinberg’s fault or ‘shamful’ as you claim - and I’m not sure how it’s 'Totaly insane!"

Remember this is a user forum so it’s very unlikely that anybody can help…but bearing that in mind.
Where did you buy the update from ? If you buy from the steinberg shop it actually shows the download code on the page when you complete checkout.

If you bought from SB, did you create an account on the steinberg shop - are you able to log back in with the same details ?
Have you tried emailing them ?

I have already sent some emails, they had to send the invoice and codes in my mail as promised, but this email has not arrived. I sent both the e-mail to the steinberg problem center and the e-mail as well as to the Asknet service. I bought it from the official steimberg shop, and in my steimberg there is neither my activation code nor my cubase 11 in my Elicenser. So yes I think it’s shameful to have paid and not to have the product. This is my opinion. And since I read that it has also happened to other people over the years, I think it is a problem to solve!

Please stop ranting - nobody here cares !!!

First CALM DOWN I’m trying to help !

I never mentioned MySteinberg - I asked if you created an account in the Steinberg Shop (asknet)


When I log in there I can see my download codes from previous purchases.

So I ask again:
Have you created an account there ?
Are you able to log back in ?

It was my first purchase from the online store. because the previous version I bought it in the box. So I just registered as a new customer. But I never received any mail, only paypal confirmed the purchase.
So thanks for your help…

I’ll ask for a third time…
can you log back in to the shop using those registration details ?

No because, the e-mail confirming nothing of what I did has never arrived and consequently I cannot access my shop.

I understand that you didn’t get an email - but have you tried logging in with the details you entered when you signed up ?

Of course, now I tried to log in and I can’t, I asked to reset the password to see if an email arrives, but even in this case I don’t get the email to proceed. My account appears to not exist .I just have to wait if steinberg replies or asknet replies… I don’t think I can do anything else …

Ok - just tested and I get a password reset email no problem. So I strongly suspect you entered an incorrect email address when purchasing- or your ISP/email provider is doing some incorrect spam filtering.

You will have to wait until the official support get back from Christmas holiday to fix - if you have the paypal receipt then they will be able to work out what happened and fix it up for you.

I don’t know … the automatic writing of the mail only gives me the voice of the correct mail … and the spam filter has never given me problems and I have not received any mail about it in the spam. Nothing remains for me but to wait … with the paypal receipt I should solve.
Thanks for the answers … and happy 2021

happy 2021 back :slight_smile:
(and don’t worry Steinberg will sort it out )

The way the shop is a different login and password on the same site is baffling. When I log onto the online shop, I can see my past orders and my activation codes. Can you try that? First, don’t log on My Steinberg, log on this page Steinberg Online Shop
Once you’re in (you may have to try Forgot My Password if you can’t log in), click Show Orders.
You should get a list of Products with their “Download Access Code”.

Now , the next step is to enter that code in the Steinberg download manager.

hi Ulricr

we’ve been through all that :slight_smile:

ok, sorry about that then. I just tried these steps including the resetting password with an email, and I can confirm that they do work.

yes worked for me too :+1: thanks for checking.

I’m 99% certain the OP had a typo when he registered at asknet (steinberg shop) - but people don’t like to admit to making mistakes on a public forum…:smiley:

I’m always making them so I don’t mind

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