Ic black screen ipad 1 ios 5.1

i recently bought this app on the apps store and i only see a black screen i try restoring my ipad 1 remove the jailbreak and all did a fresh clean and still no hope i still see this blackscreen not only that i bought this app for android as well but i dont own a android i tought i had to buy a e licenser license for this as well and still then read its only for the android one so i bought 2 useless apps i cant use :cry: i hope someone can help me fix this problems i would be grateful thanks

Same here!!! Ipad 1, iOS 5.1 and b :imp: :imp: :imp:

Same here! Any solution?

Another IOS 5.1.1 customer – black screen. Any update planned to correct this? Apple Store indicates IOS 5.0 and later as required.