IC Control / IC Control Pro for Nuendo?

I have been perusing the steinberg website and forum looking for an answer to this question, Does the IC Control/Pro for IPhone work for Nuendo 6 / Win7 64bit?

Anyone have an answer to this?

Thank you.

Yes it works. I use an iPad, but I just tested it with my iPhone and it works just fine.

Thanks for the quick reply. It is greatly appreciated.

What is IC Control/Pro?

I’ve tried to Google it but got no results.


i searched in the App Store … there is no IC or anything like that if you search Cubase … wonder if they pulled it …

http://www.steinberg.net/en/company/press/archive/2013/cubase_ic_pro.html here is the webpage …

Search for:
Cubase iC Pro

Here is the link: