iC free features in iCPro?

I recently began using the Cubase iC/iCPro apps on my iPad. I noticed some cool and simple arranger layout features in the free version that will suit some of my needs perfectly. However, I need some of the fader features in the Pro version as well.

When I loaded up the Pro version and attempted to find these arranger queue features in the Pro version, I was surprised to not see them.

Anyone know where the Cubase iC Free arranger features are in the iCPro version?


You can use one the Arranger preset in the Key Commands page normally.


The activate, first repeat,… commands ?
Nothing to do with ic free arranger features, could you please add them to ic pro, I bought it based on ic free and was sure this was part of pro, or could you put a warning to let people know about it ?

indeed, this feature is missing and so important for me.
steinberg pls include in the next update :exclamation: