IC gesture released

Yep, interesting development. I’ve seen some cool implementations of this control device and I like how Steinberg is embracing it. If it’ll really prove worthy in a studio environment I don’t know, but at the very least its a cool gadget :wink:

yes indeed looks very interesting but I wonder whether it has multi screen support

I have A leap. Will be interesting to see how this works. So far I find gesturing poor and tiring.

ok be good to see what you think , have you downloaded the app yet , ive just ordered the motion but im trying to find a depth camera at a decent price too :wink:
Let us know jm i’ll be very interested in what you think

Unfortunately, I’m in the Atlanta airport on my way north for a few days. Probably won’t get to try it out until late this week.

The odd thing is saying they want to be “first”, but I was able to do that with Gecko a long time ago via GR. I’m curious if this is similar or better in some way.

yes I saw a topic where you were talking about it and controlling H5?

Yeah, I was showing using it for the track ball. But I have it set through gr for scroll and zoom functions too.

I looked at the Manual for IC and was trying to see if it can be used for MIDI CC control, particularly in an XY type fashion (like Gecko) but didn’t see anything about MIDI CC assignment. I would like to know if it is possible.

You can assign it like the AI knob, from what I have read so far.

I just wish I had a depth camera here. At the moment I only own some webcam for Skype chatting, but this will, apparently, change.

Actually I’m a bit in love with the idea… :blush:

It’s cool that Steinberg is onboard with all these new technologies.

It looks very promising, I’ll probably get on of these sensors once the functionality is a bit deeper.
It seems very basic as it is now and doesn’t really speed up the workflow yet.

It would be cool to create your own gestures and assign them to functions and macros. Is this possible or planned?

Please, use proper language.

One can still use buttons, controllers and whatnot.

It is a free app, so I don’t know what the problem is there. If you don’t like, it is your choice to not download it, but as you can see others like the idea.

funny enough this is exactly what I want to use it for … the transport controls , nothing else :wink:

I really like the Idea of being able to make a simple gesture for the transport , it saves having to hit about 6 buttons with my fat fingers , but I have another question ;

Do these work in the dark ?

LOL. did you inhale an excessive amount of solder fumes when you made your summing box? :laughing:

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Back on topic- I had a Leap for about three weeks, and like JMCecil said above, using it for gestures and commands was really tiresome. I was reminded of the early days of voice recognition. Great wow factor though, and large movements for CCs did work.

I found it humorous in the video that it said “Feel like an orchestra conductor”

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Back on topic
Im really looking forward to receiving my leap motion today to give it a whirl and if the apps is free then all the better !