iC Pro and Nuendo

Does IC Pro work with Nuendo? I know that it reads CuBase iC Pro but I assumed it should work with Nuendo as well…
I had it working fine with Cubase 11…

Also I downloaded and installed Steinberg SKI Remote and now Nuendo will not run unless I stop the SKI Remote service via Activity monitor.
I running Sierra on MAC Nuendo 11

Thank you

Yes it does work. Make sure you have have the Device ’ Steinberg SKI Remote’ setup in Studio Setup

After installing Steinberg SKI Remote Nuendo would not start/initialize.
I had this working fine with Cubase so the Steinberg SKI Remote must have been on computer already.
Both iPad and MAC are on same network.
I rebooted several times and reseated the licenser and still no good.
I had to manually stop the SKI Remote service in Activity Monitor and fortunately Nuendo started fine afterwards… I will not be able set up the Steinberg SKI Remote if Nuendo will no start.

I’m glad to hear that it works though. It is too useful to not be available for Nuendo.

I will have to contact tech support and see what they have to say.

I’m on windows 10 by the way so this may be a Mac OS thing with SKI remote??

I realized that I am running Catalina on my MAC as well.

Thanks for input!

Do you have Bonjour installed? Here are all the requirements for SKI:

Setting SKI Remote in Studio Set up resolved issue.
I did have to disable SKI REMOTE via Activity Monitor so I could start Nuendo first then reboot.

All good now…

Thanks all who responded.

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It works fine but know that the colors between Nuendo and IC Pro do not sync and even though it has been reported (and bumped up) on the IC Pro forum for several years now Steinberg has not responded nor acknowledged this bug. Point is, it doesn’t appear to be well supported with the last update being 4 years ago.

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