iC Pro Bars & Beats

Do you understand that music can not be written and ( read )played without BARS & BEATS - that music is NOT timeline important - like video - YOU HAVE TO RESPECT MUSICIAN !!! BARS ABD BEATS IS MUSIC !!! Where is this option in one music program who you are called PRO ??? !!!
I am sorry for my bad eanglish but I m 50 years old music professor and I respect your work but you have to respect a musicians that they need to know where they are in the song NOT IN TIME ----- IN BARS !!!
Thank you for CUBASE - that is what is a REAL musician PRO product and NOT iC PRO !!!
The People who work on DORICO can explane you what I m talking about !!!
Thank you for atencion and I m sorry if you feel your self atacked !

+1, it would be great if bars/beats can be chosen as an option for timeline display instead of seconds.

I just started using iC Pro, and I find this to be a substantial annoyance and shortcoming. You really need bars/beats to stay oriented and to really know that you’re where you think you are.

Is this real? No bars/beats for the remote app? Crazy town if so!!!