IC Pro crashing on iPad air

Seems I can get a connection started, then crashes after about 20 seconds every time I connect.

I’ve created a network on my MacPro and I’ve assigned the IP address to IC. When IC starts I get a 3 part screen with the event display in the upper right corner, and two other sections that are black. I can open the settings screen but everything seems to freeze and then crashes.

I’ve just installed the latest SKI remote on the MP, and have 1.2 on the iPad. What could be the problem here? Starting a project and this would come in handy in my self-run studio.


sorry for the inconvenience… I will investigate for you.

Thank you,

Dear Garehead,

could you please send me your crash log via PN? You have to sync your ipad with iTunes on your MacPro and then you find the file under:


Thank you!

Will do Ricardo, soon as I get a chance. I did get it working with a very minimal file opened in CB. So then I took one of my large layouts, and slowly peeled back some of my tracks and eventually it worked. Although I’m not positive yet, it seems like if there’s a lot of midi and audio tracks, it just crashes as it’s trying to load everything.

I’ll keep testing this and I’ll send the file soon,



sure take your time and glad it is working in some form.


Thanks for the help Ricard, but got the app working well enough to realize this isn’t going to do the job. Searching for the best screen sharing app/program to give me direct access to the screen of CB. Hopefully that will work better. If not, back to screen sharing on my laptop which works pretty well.


that is ok and you are welcome… :wink:

Thanks again!