IC Pro fail after upgrade of app


After using IC Pro for I while, I was notified there was an upgrade for it. I’m running iOS 5.1.1 on a iPad 1. Now I get a black screen after starting the app. Unfortunately I don’t have a backup anymore to roll back. Since this is the only way to get support on this app, I would like to get a solution from the developpers.


I have the same problem on an iPad 1, but it just occurred todayay when I updated the SKI driver inside Cubase 7.0. Everything was working fine except the ICPro said there was a new SKI driver, so I updated it and now Cubase shows the iPad as connected (under Devices>SKI) but the iPad is just ablac screen. Hopefully I can find the old SKI driver somewhere.


the latest Cubase iC Pro version requires iOS 6 as a minimum.
I recommend you installing the latest version compatible with your device.
iTunes allows you to download older versions of the app. Please check on iTunes on how to do this.

Thanks Carlos, I read various Apple support notes and web sites and I can’t seem to get my iPad 1 under iOS 5 to offer a way to download a previous version of iCPro.

IC Pro was working fine on my iPad 1/ under iOS5 until I upgraded the SKI driver on my studio computer (OSX). I did not upgrade IC PRO on my iPad. I can’t find a way to download a previous version of SKI.

Can you post a link to a previous SKI version?

are there any news on this? I am on iOS6 with iPad 1 - worked fine before the last update…

Did you hack your iPad 1 to get iOS6 installed? That combination is not supported.

sorry - no I am on iOS5.

Can you provide an old version of SKI? Thanks…

I’m the one who started this post…
My first attempt to solve this issue was trying to get the older version back from iTunes. My back-up was corrupted so I asked Apple for help. Here’s a quote:
1.Open the App Store or Mac App Store.
2.Go to the Purchased screen on your iOS device or the Purchases tab on your Mac.
3.Find the app and choose Download. You’ll see a message telling you if a compatible version is available. Tap Confirm to install this version.

If a compatible version isn’t available, you can try contacting the app developer. Look for contact information on the app’s product page in the App Store or Mac App Store.

So I did…

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