iC Pro Instruction video on Stienberg site completely incorrect for Windows 10 users, no idea how to proceed

I could really do with some help and I would really appreciate some guidance here.

I have recently bought an iPad to try and use with IC Pro. Over the last two years I have been suffering from a devastating hand condition which has completely destroyed my ability to make music, I have invested a large amount of money in lots of gear software and have been training towards becoming professional for some time and it seems that this could be a massive problem for me, on top of devastating my life generally.

I was doing some research on how to reduce keyboard work to help me avoid aggravating the symptoms of my condition and I found out about IC Pro and the pages in which you can customise sets of your hotkeys, this in combination with the sliders and the touchscreen give me a huge amount of hope that I would be able to incorporate this into my workflow and be able to start moving forward to gain after a good 9 months of being able to do no computer work at all.

I purchased an iPad after watching the tutorial video on the steinberg website which showed the process of setting up an ad hoc network to connect to the iPad for a Windows PC. Everything looks so simple in the video however despite this being the official video on steinberg’s official site, the video fails to mention that it is completely out of date and that Windows 10, which is the platform from which most people are now working, does not even have the ad hoc network function anymore. I have literally got no idea where start in connecting the iPad to my PC, Steinberg seem to have provided no information regarding this on their website at all, no guide for anyone on Windows 10 to use to connect - I’m using Windows 10 64 bit Cubase 8.5 professional, I have no knowledge on how to ensure that both the computer and the iPad are ‘on the same network’ as it so casually says in the PDF that is available on the icy pro page on the website.

Can anyone tell me exactly how this is done or what this even means because I really do not know? I really do not have any knowledge about this kind of stuff at all so you will have to imagine you’re talking to a child here!

I really feel it’s ridiculous that steinberg have left this video up as it is mis-selling the product completely and not providing additional support now that the method of connection that they say is no longer available. I have tried to login to my steinberg account and log a ticket to get some support on this but every time I try and log a ticket it just kicks me out of my account so I have no idea how I’m ever going to contact steinberg again for anything currently, but I have a feeling they are not even offering support for this anymore as it does not appear on their list of supported products. I really am so disappointed in steinberg right now, I was given so much hope by that video that I could find some kind of solution that’s going to help me move forward to only to purchase the necessary hardware for a lot of money and to find that the guy that they have provided is completely incorrect. the video needs to be changed this company has a lot of money and could easily create a new video that actually contains useful information and didn’t mislead its customers.

Thanks in advance for any support :slight_smile:

You may want to post this in the Cubase/Nuendo forums. As you can see from the post “Colors do not sync”, Steinberg folks cannot seem to take the time to respond here often. Like me you might wait months for a reply.

Not sure if this helps, but as long as they are connected to the same router, they are on the same network. Nothing more complicated than that which is why they didn’t go into more detail. So, either both wirelessly or, in my case, the PC via a lan cable.

Make sure you have installed the Ski remote software and Apple Bonjour - this is what allows the PC to connect to IC Pro

If you have iTunes installed, you already have Bonjour.

And that is it. You don’t need anything else. Start cubase, load a project, then fire up IC Pro. It will see your computer automatically and list it by name. If it doesn’t just load, hit on the computer name to load it.

Just for your interest:

When you start Cubase, go to Studio > Studio Setup. Erm, that might be cubase 9 - I can’t remember what the menu heading is on 8, but it is the box you use for setting up midi ports, audio interface, and all that rubbish.

Under Remote you will see the Ski remote. You don’t have to do anything with it, but you can add a password if you want - honestly, don’t bother. I just point it out so you know it is there!

By the way, do make sure you are running the recent version of IOS 11 and IC Pro - There were problems with IOS 10.

Make sure to have a wifi adapter that supports ad-hoc. You can get one off ebay.

In windows search bar type in cmd, Command Prompt will appear. Right-click and select “Run as Administrator”

Type the following command prompts:
netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid= [type ssid name] key=[type a password]


netsh wlan start hostednetwork


For example, should look something like this

netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=cubase key=1234567890

netsh wlan start hostednetwork

You will see the network name “cubase” appear on your apple iPhone/tablet. Then type in the password to connect.

To find out your Computer IP, type in ipconfig in the command prompt. Type in the number’s IP stated from the IPv4 Address, you will see it under Wireless Lan Adapter Wi-Fi.

This method works flawlessly with Windows 10.

But when I updated my ipad to iOS 11.3, I can’t get iC Pro to work. Hoping Steinberg comes with an update very soon.