iC Pro 'Search Key Commands' no keyboard pops up

I’m running Cubase iC Pro on a Samsung Galaxy A8 (and Cubase Pro 12 on Windows 10)

When setting up custom ‘Key Commands’ pages, adding buttons brings up a scrollable list with the ‘Search Key Commands’ input text box at the top.

However, there is no cursor in the search box or mobile/tablet keyboard that ‘pops up’, and tapping in the search box produces no cursor nor does the keyboard ‘pop up’ either.

Commands can still be selected for new buttons with the scrolling menu, but with so many commands, and not knowing the correct ‘category’ for many, this is an extremely difficult process.

I have reinstalled the app, tried with it with different Cubase projects loaded (and NO project loaded), dried the default Samsung Keyboard, a separate GBoard keyboard app… no luck.

EDIT: I should also mention that the ‘Save Page’ function in the Key Commands Settings has a cursor/keyboard popup that works fine.

Any others having similar issues, or Steinberg people is this a known issue that isn’t listed in the knowledgebase?