IC Pro stopped working after upgrade on IOS 5.1 (solved)

Hi IC Pro users,

I got a notification a newer version of the excellent app IC Pro was available for my iPad running iOS 5.1. After updating, all I got was a black screen when starting the app. After trying iTunes and Steinberg support I ended up at this forum only to get erratic support like supid replies " version 1.2 only runs on iOS versions >6.(Why is it offered to iPads running version 5) Luckily I found an old version 1.1 of IC Pro on an old hard drive which I replaced some months ago. After replacing the app on the backup location of iTunes and restoring it to my iPad I’m back in business again.
People that experience the same and look for a solution and experience the same lack of support. Send a private message with a your email and I will send you the missing ipa-file you need to roll back to a working version. This way you can go on enjoying the app without suffering from the lousy support…

hello this is sad i recently bought this app on the app store :frowning: where can i downgrade to version 1.1 i am using the ipad one and i see a black screen also i bought it for android thinking its was for ipad so 2 times i bought this and still not work :cry:

Hello, I have the same problem. Did you downgrade to version 1.1? Do you know how could I do this? Thanks!

Hey Marc

Just joined the forum to PM you, however it seems as a new users I can’t do that… Anyway, I have the same issue with ios 5.1.1 and ic pro updating beyond the last compatible version (v1.1) Wondering if you still have that ipa file?

Thanks, Jordan

Sorry guys, several members asked me to send the ipa file. Unfortunately this works only with an ipa backup from your own device, because in the restore process the apple id password is asked.