iC Pro with Cubase Pro 10 support

Hi team

Are Steinberg iC Pro 1.22 and Steinberg SKI Remote 1.0.8 fully compatible with Cubase Pro 10 running on Windows and/or Mac OS system?

I am considering buying this iOS app to run a session and would like to give it a go. But before do it I would like a confirmation of full compatibility.

Thank you

Steinberg developers calling

Are the latest version of iC Pro and SKI Remote fully compatible with Cubase Pro 10?

I doubt you will get an answer. There is nothing to say it isn’t compatible and it is still for sale. I know that cubase 10 had a fix in it for ic pro as well with Cubase not closing down if you didn’t fully close the ap.

You asked in the cubase thread and myself and others already said it works?

Most appreciated mkok. I will consider your reply and I may get it over the weekend. Hopefully it will works on my system.


Fully working with Cubase Pro 10. So far so good.
Hopefully more features will come out soon.


Cubase iC Pro works with Cubase Pro 10.
Furthermore, the latest available Cubase Pro 10.0.10 update addresses the crash on exit issue mentioned in this iC Pro thread.

Hope that helps.