ic Pro without wifi? via USB?

My DAW is not connected to the net. For security, stability and distraction reasons I don’t want it to. Also, I don’t use wifi at home.

I am correct in saying that it’s not possible to connect iC Pro to Cubase via USB on my iPad?.


Cubase iC Pro works only through wi-fi, not USB.


Thought as much.

Apart from an intentional hobble by marketing/accuntants, is there any particular reason for that? I mean quite a lot of studios don’t have their main DAW hooked up to the net.


you do not need to be online, connected to the internet in order to use wifi for this purpose… you can try to setup a local LAN with a wifi router or wlan stick just to connect to the app.


I’ll give that a try.
Thanks a lot for the help.

I am on the internet by connecting through Ethernet cable my desktop do not have Wi-Fi so how can I use Cubase IC Pro with my software Cubase Pro 9.5

You can’t. The app is on iPad or iPhone which does not have an Ethernet connection so wi fi only. There is no Bluetooth option

Not true, I have my wireless setup as the same network as my wired connection in my router. I have my DAW PC wired and my iPad on the wireless. iC Pro works just fine this way.

The app is Wi-fi only. I know your DAW can be wired as mine is also. The bit you quoted does say the iOS app and does not mention the DAW.

I should have read closer, I thought OP was asking about wired network instead of wired USB.

Also, the app works just the same if you have an Ethernet adapter connected to your iOS device.

Now I didn’t know that. I didn’t even know you could get an Ethernet adapter for an iOS devise. You learn some every day.