iC Pro

Is anyone using iC Pro and the SKi remote. It has worked fine for me with C8 C8.5 C9 but I cannot get it to connect with C9.5. The studio is found on my iPhone but the app just spins and spins and spins and times out. I can go to C9 and bingo, connects right away. Everything in the Studio setup in C9.5 is exactly the same as in the Device setup panel in C9. I rely on this app a great deal as my main client base is Singer/Songwriters that rely on me to ad multiple instruments to their recordings and much of it I have to do in the tracking room and not the control room where my system is located. Someone please offer help or at least a suggestion. Thanks

Hi there

No problems here in 9.5, use it quite a bit.

Best Regards, Dave

Could be a firewall issue. Try disabling windows firewall for a moment and see if it works then. If yes you need to make a rule for C9.5.

What IOS version are you on? Last year there was a problem with earlier IOS versions.

Yeah, works fine with C9 but will not connect with C9.5

not sure why there would be a difference with the firewall when it works just fine with C9 and I have the most recent V1.08


It’s working for me.
Have you tried reinstalling the SKI remote extension?

Yep that was my first thought. Sucks that I have gotten no response from any of the moderators. I know they get a lot of lame posts but this is not one. I am a commercial studio and time is money to me. It’s ridiculous to be working ion 9.5 and need the remote and think, “oh, I have to close this out, open in C9 and then work on the part”
I know it must be some minor little glitch but it’s drivin’ me crazy and costing me time

Have you tried contacting support? I would think they’re more likely to be able to help you than the mods.

No to be honest I haven’t. I contacted them in the past a couple of times and after much back and forth finally got ‘some’ help. I’ll try tomorrow for phone support. Thanks for the suugestion