iCloud Dorico Folder not visible

I have saved 2 test projects to the iCloud on my iPad Pro and can see them in the Hub under the iCloud Tab. But, these files and the Dorico folder are not visible in the Files app or on my Windows PC iCloud folder or the iCloud Drive on the web! Am I doing something wrong?
I have the preferences set to iCloud save as default as suggested in a previous post.

Unfortunately we sometimes hear reports of this problem, and I’m not sure what the solution is on Windows to get the Dorico folder inside iCloud Drive to appear. If you sign in to iCloud in your web browser and look at the contents of your iCloud Drive there, do you see the Dorico projects?

Hi Daniel,
The Dorico folder or projects do not appear in the iCloud Drive in my web browser or in the Files app on my iPad. So, not surprising that they do not appear on my Windows PC either!

Two thoughts:

1.) It’s possible the iPad hasn’t synced the files yet (sometimes syncing can take frustratingly long)
2.) iCloud client on windows is infuriating and unreliable. It takes its sweet old time deciding if/when it will sync. I often cannot properly cause files to sync either windows laptop to cloud or cloud to laptop.

Andy, I don’t suppose you have a Mac computer amidst your devices, do you? We’ve heard some reports that running Dorico on Mac and choosing to save a project into iCloud Drive from the Mac version can be enough to prompt the Dorico folder to start showing up inside iCloud Drive on other devices.

Unfortunately, I do not have a Mac computer. I do not have problems syncing other files via iCloud. I have imported files created on my workstation in Dorico 5 Pro into the iPad Dorico. I just want to be able to edit the files on both machines.
Maybe a re-install might work?

A slight update on the last post. I created a folder in iCloud on my Windows laptop. Copied a Dorico file to it and imported it into Dorico-for-IPad. I can edit the file on both machines and it syncs between them in a couple of seconds. But it only appears in the hub under recent documents. It is just the Dorico folder which is invisible to everything except the iPad hub.

Be careful if you attempt this. Deleting the dorico app will delete the files too, so you could lose your music if it isn’t showing up elsewhere.


Yes, if you delete and reinstall Dorico for iPad from your device, any projects that are saved in the application’s own container will be deleted and it won’t be possible to recover them. Projects that are saved in iCloud Drive, on the other hand, are safe.

Thanks for the warnings, but I didn’t have anything worth saving - only test files.
I have tried re-installing twice. No luck!
I can see the local Dorico folder in files but despite changing the default save to iCloud in preferences no folder appears. The files show in the iCloud tab in the Hub - but nowhere else!

I’m sorry for the inconvenience caused. You could make your own custom folder in your iCloud Drive in the Files app on your iPad, and then open projects from there, rather than from Dorico’s hub?

It seems that is the only solution at the moment.
Maybe the next iOS update might help! :woozy_face:

I created this shortcut to backup my ipad dorico folder to icloud.

It puts the backups in /Dorico Backups/[todays date]/Documents

You might need to create a folder in iCloud called “Dorico Backups”


Thanks for the advice.
I will definitely look into this.