iCON P1-M Review (using Cubase)

Check out my YouTube video for the full review:

A summary:

The small size was the main reason why I bought it, since it allowed me to place my keyboard infront of the controller while having space left for my wrists.

I love the touch screen. Being able to assign key commands/MIDI and see the names of them (stream deck-like) is really really nice. I recently got the nob Control and combining the nob Control with the touch screen is awesome. With the help of the nob software it allows me to quickly decide what parameters I want to control with the nob without having to move the mouse.

The hardware feels nice, except my 3rd encoder which feels like it’s starting to wear out. Hopefully this is just me being unlucky…
Also, the jogwheel is not “premium” which iCON Claims - it works but it is awkward.

Software issues combined with my first impressions of the company prevents me from loving it. I want to love it, but the uncertainty I feel around the company makes it difficult.

If iCON somehow could publicly tell the customers that they will do everything they can to fix the software issues + make sure that their instructions are more clear in the future, I would probably change my mixed feelings to great.

Do I recommend it?
If you do not get more issues than me - Yes.
The problem is that I have no way of knowing that, and for that reason I would advice you to wait.

Would love to hear your thoughts of my review, also feel free to complement stuff you think I missed in the review!



Hi, thanks for the review. Just chiming in to warn about the D4T “legs” : one of mine broke while I was moving some stuff around, and I didn’t feel like I was pushing hard.

Thank you for watching!

Oh no, really? Total snap or is it more like a crack? Either way it sucks, sorry to hear that.
Well thank you for your notice, I will be extra careful if/when I move around the P1-M.

Can I ask you if you are in the Facebook group for icon pro audio users? I think I’ve seen 4-5 posts now about “giving up” and going for something like the SSL UF8.

Not watched the video yet, will later. It looks much more compact than I expected just having a quick flick through the chapters, and nicely produced video. Kudos!

Have you tried it with any of @bjoluc’s MCU MIDI Remote scripts?

I’m curious if you get the colours come up, like the X Touch or if they have their own implementation.

In regards to SSL UF8, I think what they’re doing is great, but the Eucon controllers seem so much deeper than what MCU can provide as a backbone.

Thank you @skijumptoes !

Yea it was the depth size that made me buy it. I loved the idea of the touch screen on the DAW Controller (which is awesome) but my n1 priority was to be able to fit my keyboard in front of the controller while also leaving space for my wrists.

I have not, is there one for the P1-M? I thought he said that was his next project. I am very interested in that. Or are there other scripts that are compatible with the P1-M?

If you don’t mind me asking, what are Eucon controllers?

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Well you must be using MCU mode currently on the Icon? So his standard scripts should cover that I presume, as I was using one of his scripts with an original MCU controller, and it worked great.

Just thinking that your encoders seemed to be quite clumsy when flicking through that video, like they need a bit more acceleration?

Perhaps @bjoluc will reply if we accidentally @ him so many times. :wink:

They’re the avid ones originally designed for Pro Tools, but along with Logic, Cubase also has full Eucon support so you get much longer character displays than MCU can deliver, colour, macro support, deeper integration when it comes to EQ/Channel control and such like.

More specifically devices like Avid Artist Mix or the Artist Control. The little 4 fader touch screen unit i’ve seen pretty cheap in fact. I’ve only tried it using their free Eucon app (Avid Control) with C13 but it seems a really good integration that many have sung the praises of on here.

That is correct. Okey I will probably check that out pretty soon, you got me curious.

Alright. I did take a look at the Avid Controllers but I could not find any one that was as compact as the P1-M, again this was the most important feature for me.

If you want to toy around with Eucon, do not hesitate to download the free EuControl software as well as the Avid Control App. I now also own an old Artist Control and it is a great addition to the P1-M.

However, none of these protocols (MCU/EUCON/Generic Remote/MIDI Remote) is exhaustive or perfect - each seems to do things that the others can’t and also miss some features that the others have. It’s a shame that Steinberg is not able to expose the same things.

Some of the functions available though MCU or Generic Remote or MIDI remote are not available via Eucon (which exposes mostly key commands). For instance, my P1-M (via MIDI Remote) has buttons to switch the control room’s heaphones channel inputs, and at the moment I can’t find a way to do it with EUCON.

Total snap! Will try to see if the warranty covers that.

I am not in the Facebook group, I still like my P1-M, the form factor really is great.

I also really like the P1-M, besides the bugs. Ive encountered a few more now but I can still use it.

What I feel is that my “fear” is becoming more and more true, people abandoning icon, and I cannot blame them.

Someone has snuck an answer here :smile: I’m almost done with my V1-M/X script and the P1-M/X script is next :v: Track colors on these devices use a different protocol than Behringer’s X-Touch and support full RGB :slightly_smiling_face:

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Next you’ll be telling me that you can look at them from different angles too!
(In fact, don’t lol).

That’s great that you’re adding support for them along the line. :+1:

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:rofl: :speak_no_evil:

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A beta version of the P1-M/P1-X script is waiting for you here :tada:
Let me know if you’re facing any issues with it!

What a GIFT for the weekend! FUN FUN FUN!

I will try it out a bit later when I have time :D, thank you so muuuch @bjoluc

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So I did not have time to check this out till now, I am sorry but man this looks slick!

I am confused how to/if I can do everything that I could do with the MCU setup. I have not really looked into how, I just wanted to see quickly for now if I could hook it up and it did work!

Having the full utilization of the display really adds to the experience! First impressions are really nice, well done @bjoluc

If any of you P1-M users using @bjoluc’s script have ideas to emulate mix visibility configurations I’d be curious. I imagine midi remote pages might be helpful for something like that?

Do you mean in the way so the P1-M shows the same tracks as your visibility agent?

@bjoluc I may be doing something but the Dyn/fx/Aux does not control the channel strip for me. What I do seem to do when pressing that is controlling parameters inside a VST Instrument.

Do you mean in the way so the P1-M shows the same tracks as your visibility agent?

Yes exactly. My workflow depends on this. I haven’t had a chance yet to play with midi remote pages to see if it’d be an adequate replacement.

What is the most convenient way to give feedback/requests or ask questions? Just here? Perhaps a new post where all can comment and give feedback?