Icon Platform M+ as motorized Quick Control Faders?

I wonder if somebody could help me setting up the Icon Platform M+ as controller for Cubase Track Quick Control.
The M+ can run either in Mackie MCP or in User Defined mode but you have to reboot it for changing modes which is not an desirable option.
How to map the faders within Cubase using the MCP mode? I have not seen pages like within the Generic Remote setup that I could switch.
And setting up the whole controller as a Generic Remote would be a rather daunting task I guess?

I also have the Platform B+ switch panel with customizable buttons but that doesn’t help much as long as I don’t know what to do with the commands.
Maybe someone has some experience setting up controllers like this?


If you want to control Quick Controls, you have to switch M+ to the generic MIDI CC mode (so User Defined mode).

In the Studio > Studio Setup, click to the Track Quick Controls (bellow the Generic Remote Device, in the Remote Devices folder) to be able to Learn your MIDI CCs, which is M+ sending.

If it’s running Mackie mode then hold down shift and press the Master button, or Shift+Plugins and you will go into quick controls.

Press the Flip button to move the quick controls between Faders and V Pots (Rotary knobs).

Have you got a Cubase overlay for your B+ so you know which buttons they are?

One other thing, does the Platform B+ show as a second device in Cubase (In addition to the M+)? If it’s separate then that can be a big problem as Cubase will try to spread controls across both units if they are set as MCU’s which will be very confusing if you’re wanting to control anything over 8 faders/vpots.