iCON Platform M+ & D2 Volume display (Mac Cubase 11)

I have had a Platform M+ and D2 combo for a few weeks now. Build quality is good and functionality runs as expected. I’m running the latest Cubase 11 on a Mac, everything works great (MCU mode) except that the volume data is not shown on the D2 display. When I checked with iCON, they replied:

This is definitely a Steinberg issue. Our hardware is using Mackie Control Protocol to interface with the DAW software. The hardware can only show what the software coding (script) allows it to display. Unfortunately, a hardware update will not help this issue. The source of this stems from the DAW manufacturer. This same issue may not hold true with other DAW manufacturers (i.e Pro Tools).

Do you plan to add something like this in the future updates?
Regards, Blaz

You expect the display to show the fader gain level on the display when they are moved?
Would be good, but I dont think Steinberg do that on MCU. You need a Avid controller for that. (I think ICON is right there, it is Steinberg call)

Hey Cubace,
Yes, that was my question. It would be really great if we would have some kind of a volume display or even a small VU meter.
Let’s see if Steinberg will comment on this.
Cheers, Blaz

If the controller has a meter you will get a level display
but the numerical readout for the fader level will not work right now.

Thanks for the info Steffen. I guess you can’t have it all in such a compact unit. I was hoping for something like this.


Steinberg can do that if they want to. They very rarely improve remote functions though.

Ok, I understand. Even without that feature the m+ Is still very useful piece of gear though.

You just enable the metering via the standard MCU controls:-

You will need to manually map the SHIFT and SMPTE/BEATS functions to two of the platform buttons though (Using their imap software) - after that Cubase should remember it and you can recall the previous button mappings.

Trouble with those Platform M+ controllers is that they lack the full array of buttons for full MCU compatibility.

That image above is based on the Cubase template, if the imap software maps via the standard MCU values then you will need to setup the following:-
Shift = Enter key (Note number 83 | Note NameB5) (This needs to be able to hold)
SMPTE/BEAT = (Note Number 53 | Note Name F3)


In fact - to save changing the mapping on the icon, you could just set the Mackie MIDI IN port to another keyboard controller if you have one and press and hold B5 and then F3 - keep the Icon as the MIDI OUT and the screen should change to show the meters.

Then once metering is displayed, you can swap the MIDI IN port back to the icon and use it as before.

(If using a keyboard doesn’t work then press D#5 key on your midi keyboard to see if it enables write automation on the track - if it doesn’t then try D#4 and D#6 and see which one does trigger write automation, and offset the octaves accordingly (i.e. B4 and F2 or B6 and F4). - some keyboards differ their octave numbers depending on where Middle C is).

Skijumptoes, thank you for the in-depth answer. I really appreciate it.
Unfortunately, I have not been able to get the shift button to work (all other functions work great). I tried to assign it to every kind of m+ button but it doesn’t work. I already contacted iCon support and as soon as I get the answer I will let you guys know.
Cheers, Blaz

Instead of holding the shift key, try pressing it once, then the SMPTE/beats button to see if meter mode enables - due to how the icon mapping works it may toggle the shift mode, rather than a hold state. If that makes sense.

Hi, I tried also without holding it and it still doesn’t work. I guess it’s an Icon issue. I am waiting for their answer.
Cheers, Blaz