Icon Qcon and extender reversed position C12

Hi all, cannot say whether this happens with earlier version of Cubase as I only just got the controllers. But my Qcon Pro and Qcon Pro Ex (original versions, not the X version) are swapped in Cubase so that the first channel appears on the Extender, not the main. I have them set up with the extender to the right, and this is how Mixbus 32C V7 and Studio One 5.5 sees them.

Also it’d be useful to know whether I’ve set them up correctly in Studio SetUp - I’ve not used the Midi remote manager as it appears I would have to build the entire set up. I selected a Mackie Control in “Studio SetUp/ Remote Devices”, and added a second Mackie Control for the Extender.

If anyone has a straightforward way of getting the Icon system working that’d be great. I’m certainly not wanting to build a Remote Manager for it when the Mackie Protocol already exists, and there’s Cubase layout in the Qcon - I guess I’m doing something wrong.

I do not have an extender but I have this vague recollection of reading that the ORDER of the Mackie controls is Bottom to Top (Bottom is number 1) in the Studio Setup.
Try swapping them over (just change the midi ports in both mackie controls - but you probably knew that). :smiley:

Ha! I didn’t know that - thanks! And that has solved the issue, how daft that it reads from bottom to top…

Yep, Steinberg was either a little lazy here :slight_smile: , or they did ignored this stuff (arrangement of hardware) a little. This would explain why you just have a another MCU, since this component does not make any difference between MCU or Xtender. A Xtender is the same like a MCU, just without the extras and since a user can not click any extras on a Xtender, it is somehow irrelevant to make another component just for the Xtender.

But then you have problems like these, since most new users, doesnt know what is what in the studio setup, because they read only MCU and MCU (2). They could easily avoid this, because Mackie did provide device ID´s and with them you can clearly identify what is what.


In Cubase the order is from bottom to the top. So the most bottom Mackie device is on the left side on your desk. Set the MIDI Input/Output ports accordingly, please.