Icon QCon Pro X DAW Controller - Anyone here using this yet?

I have been considering the Icon QCon Pro X DAW Controller, but keep hearing unflattering news about the quality of the faders and buttons, and have read about fader noise. If anyone owns this, I would love your honest opinion regarding it.

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Here are 10 pages go go through…

I have the QconPro so I won’t comment on the Pro X fader noise. Like Behringer X-touch, it took Icon years to deliver the Pro X from when it was originally shown at NAMM including a name change. I can’t imagine Qcon releasing a more expensive unit the Pro X, yet having louder fader noise or poor quality buttons than the QconPro. Both units are very similar except the Pro X has improved fader resolution.

Honestly, I find myself turning off the motorized faders quite often. The noise on the QconPro is negligible for myself, but for certain tasks I find a motorized fader not necessary and sometimes even distracting. The earlier generation called the Qcon, did have documented issues. Over time I think a lot of these have been addressed. Keep in mind Mackies MCU has been around for years and I would consider it to be the standard.

No noise here on my faders. The quality is fine. I think the problem is that the faders have a very light feel which might seem like little substance to them but this is more of an advantage as far as I’m concerned. Very little side movement on them which is better than some quality mixers I’ve used. I don’t know where rumors of lack of quality comes from, I say from some who never used the unit. The buttons are all fine quality.
The only bad point about it is the master fader meters don’t work in cubase. There seems to be a bit of blame each other from Icon and Steinberg so I’m not too clear who is to blame but I don’t find it to be a huge problem at the moment. Hopefuly it will be sorted out at some point.

Hi there. If you want some easy to digest stuff on using Cubase with the Qcon ProX I am doing a little YouTube series called Living with the Qcon ProX which goes over some of the niggles and how to get over them. On a personal level I find the cons are far outweighed by the pros. It has integrated into my studio workflow really nicely and I wouldn’t part with it now. I’ve used a few outboard midi controllers and this comes closest to what I want for the price but as I say it is worth understanding the niggly issues before splashing out.

Living with the Qcon Pro X is here:-

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Thanks! I’ll check it out. :slight_smile:

I’ve been using qcon pro and qcon pro ex (no X version) for a few months and fader noise didn’t affect my work at all.

Hi Mr Darken Jax , do you recommend the Icon Pro QCon Pro X more than others , for example there is (Behringer x touch) in your opinion which one mostly compatible with Cubase .

Hi there. No I certainly wouldn’t suggest you should dash out and buy a Qcon rather than a Behringer or the Presonus Faderport etc. I think you should think what are the features that you would want from a controller then check out which ones work for you. I have done a lot of videos about the Qcon simply to help people out because the User Manual is crap. Even now I find ‘hidden’ features that are not explained anywhere. That said I love how the Qcon functions and helps my workflow. It works really well for me and I have paired it up with a really cheap Korg Nano Kontrol 2 for extra functions. Have a look at my two new video reviews about the new Cubase panel for the Qcon and then check out Chris Selim’s video on the Presonus Faderport. I’m not sure about the Behringer but there will be people doing reviews of that too. Then make a decision based in giid research. It is far better to find a review by someone that has bought the unit and is still using it months later because that tells you a lot about how much they like it. Unboxing videos are pointless in my humble opinion. Here are your starter vids. Moonhare Studio reviews of the Qcon in use with Cubase in two parts PT1 https://youtu.be/fbRWux19N4o PT2 https://youtu.be/U5tEfNFTNdg and Chris Selim (also a Cubase user) on the Presonus Faderport 16 https://youtu.be/J6fD2EFpxdw. Hope that helps.