Icon Qcon Umix 1008 Cubase Recording


Apologies for the basic nature of this question.

I’ve recently purchased a second hand Icon Qcon controller, which came with a Icon Umix 1008.

My production skills are limited, but I have worked out how to perform simple recordings (e.g. 2 tracks - electric guitar and vocal). I’m struggling to work out how to do larger multi-track recordings - i.e. I want to record 3 tracks all at once (on separate tracks) 2 electric guitars and vocals.

I know how to add a third audio track - but am struggling to get it set up properly in Cubase to record the three tracks on separate tracks but at the same time.

I presume this is something I should be able to do using the Icon Qcon & Umix? I presume it is something that I haven’t set up correctly in Cubase (wouldn’t surprise me given my basic skills).

I’ve searched the net and am getting abit confused - so any advice help would be welcomed