Iconica at second Dorico installation

Dear Steinberg,

is it possible to run & use Iconica Opus at my second Dorico activations by Steinberg Activation Manager? For me it’s buy or not to buy question …

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At the moment, not as far as I know. Iconica is still on eLicenser, so you would have to move your Iconica license to a USB-eLicenser in order to use it on multiple machines, moving the dongle to the system where you want to run the library.

Thank you for reply, but it’s complication for me. So, maybe next year when you’ll have next generation of Iconica :slight_smile: … using Activation Manager …


is now, with Halion 7 & Iconica Ensembles still HW key needed or use it Activation Manager?
Thank you …


Halion 7 and Iconica products work with the Steinberg Activation Manager (since late March)

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Is there any way to convert my Iconica Opus license from eLicenser to the new Activation system ?
I would love to have an install on my laptop.

I’m not sure, but I think that is more connected to HaLion Player 7 than Iconica, so if you have license to HaLion 7 should be works … Please, check this with someone from Steinberg …

You need to have a look into your mySteinberg account and look at the vouchers. There should be an etnry to redeem a code to move Iconica from the eLicenser to the new Licensing system.

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Thanks for that! Olympus Choir Elements had a voucher! I’ll keep an eye on the Vouchers for the rest of my instruments.

Thanks !
I did that for Cubase & GA when the system changed, but forgot I had to go look into vouchers to find the code.