Iconica - modulation wheel affects only one note in a chord

When using the Iconica library, the modulation wheel only affects one note of a chord. I assume that this is is something to do with Steinberg’s VST 3 expression, but is there any way to disable it so that it affects the entire chord?

Although not a Dorico question, I’m having this issue while using Dorico.

I’m not using Iconica myself, but I got in touch with the HALion team to ask them your question. They tell me that the modulation wheel controls the switching between the velocity layers for all patches, and it will affect all notes.

Can you provide a bit more information about exactly what you’re doing so I can pass on more information to them?

Thanks for looking into this Daniel. The problem I’m experiencing is not related to Dorico playing back, but rather when I am playing “live”.

For example, I enable the first violins staff which is assigned to a sustain articulation. I play some triads with my right hand while operating the mod wheel with my left hand and hear some very nice and natural crescendos, but only for one note at a time. It appears to be the last note played that gets affected, or if I play all of the notes exactly together, then the mod wheel only affects the top note of the triad.

I know this won’t be a problem once I’ve entered all of my parts, but it’s nice to try out the sounds using the mod wheel and have all notes affected so that I can flesh out ideas. When I use Iconica inside Logic Pro, I don’t experience this problem.

When you say “playing live”, David, what do you mean? Are you running HALion Sonic SE 3 inside Dorico, or another host, or in stand-alone mode?

I’m using HALion Sonic SE 3 inside Dorico

What about if you try using HALion Sonic SE 3 running in stand-alone mode outside of Dorico?

I can confirm.

Create a Violin player
In HSSE 3 replace the HSO instrument by loading Iconica Violins I Standard
Activate the insert cursor
Play a chord on the keyboard, while manually moving the mod wheel

Does what David says, only one note is affected by manually moving the mod wheel.

I also tried placing a cresc hairpin going from pp to ff over four beats, hit Play, and held down a chord- without my moving the mod wheel, I hear the same behavior.

Does not happen in standalone HSSE 3- e.g., without Dorico running.

Same here - works fine in stand-alone mode.