Iconica - NO Legatos work (SOLVED)

Hi all,

New to Iconica. Gotta big problem stumping me.
1- Selecting any instrument
2- Select Legato
3- Make or play a chord
4- All notes will play momentarily (Stacatto?) then only one note will sustain.

I am not using key switches or expression maps.
Doesn’t matter what instrument is selected (i.e. Standard, dynamics, etc) all the articulation EXCEPT legato work properly.
The problem is present in Iconica Ensembles and Iconica Sections & Players.

I’m guessing this is a Halion problem?

Cubase 10.5
Latest Halion
Win 10
Ryzen 8 core
yada yada

As an experiment, I tried the same things with Halion SE instead of Halion. The problem persists.

Experiment #2: Running a stand alone instance of Hal 6. Load Iconica Sections & Players, Legato still does not work.

Anybody out there?
Am I missing something super basic, like legato does not support multiple voicing?

I’m NOT CRAZY after all. Called Steinberg. They see the same problem.
Now I just wait.

I’ve experienced this same problem…but I thought maybe it’s supposed to be that way. Because the special “legato” of Iconica works by taking a single note you’re playing and making as smooth a transition as possible to the next note you play. If you were playing multiple notes at once, maybe it wouldn’t know which note to connect to the next one? So it can only do one at a time…? This is just an idea I had. Still it’s kind of lame…

I’m curious, what did Steinberg say when you contacted them about this?

I’m fairly certain it is by design as you describe it.

If you want to play chords, use the sustain articulation.

The legato articulation is a special articulation for smooth transitions between single notes. If there is more than one note in the part, how is the engine supposed to know which note transitions into which?

this is what I assumed too

and don’t expect SB support to understand what it’s supposed do - I’m willing to bet they have zero experience of the Iconica.

Legato means smooth transition between two notes. yes it can be generaly in music applied on chords but not in iconica. And its logical, because there is decision about pairing notes from 1st to 2nd chord ( generally between notes which are not in same time). Belive me or not, but You dont want to make this decision by plugin. Why? Because if You play chord harmonic way, still some notes will have different start positions. This means that they are melodic not harmonic. And then when You are changing chord its the same, how sw shall understand which note from 1st chord shall make legato with which from 2nd chord. “WORKAROUND” If You nead legato on harmonic content, You have to create Midi events separate for each voice in chord and each voice has to drive different legato plugin instance. I didnt know better way how to do it.

Thanks all, I kinda figured this might be the case.
Now… on to the next issue. No mic selection available in the Halion 6 > Mixer, only main.

Hi all.
Hi, I am late to the show and found this post, which also seems to describe my current problem.
I just had the experience in Iconic Section & Players that strings (Violins I,II Standard, Violins I,II, etc.) only play single notes when using Legato. With Sustain it works. But I need legato, because Iconic Section has no legato for strings. For whatever reason.
I don’t know if David_W’s explanation is correct. So I did a search on the subject and found a 50/50 split. Some agree, but also on a forum someone from Vienna says.
“All of our instruments that contain legato can do this, be it the Vienna Instruments PRO Player or the newer Synchron Player - just don’t forget to enable poly-legato”.
But I found out how to do it, and indeed, you can enable Legato Poly Mode in the Synchron Player.
I then checked the Halion Symphonic Orchestra, which also has polyphonic legato. For example, “Violas Legato 12-24 Players”.

So the question is, why not in Iconic?

Thanks in advance

And why please “solved”? Ok will post it somewhere else.