Iconica or not?

Now that Iconica is on sale I’ve started to weigh my choices between such libraries as East West, BBC etc. Although I’m speaking anecdotally, it just appears that Iconica does not come up as often as the others do in various threads. It also appears that the others are devoting more time and effort to market and improve their product. It seems like the only time Iconica is mentioned is when there is a sale.

Are any of you Iconica fans? Is there something here that should draw me into a closer look at Iconica? The sound libraries seem smaller and from a strictly aesthetic standpoint the GUI doesn’t seem as nice as the others.

I’m just looking for some opinions. As I said, my observations are based on only what I see online. I have no hands-on experience with any of them.

One thing I find disappointing is there are no solo string samples in Iconica. The fact that Iconica is rarely mentioned anymore seems to indicate it is end of life as far as future development/support is concerned. I got Iconica Opus on sale for even less than the current discount so I am not dissatisfied overall.