Iconica sample artefacts

Long story short, I got new headphones and now I can clearly hear much more noises in samples - cello staccato - for lower notes there is lot of sound during decay ( probably cracking of chair of player and some more) Its pretty much disturbing and Im suprised that samples are not “cleaned” from this unwanted noises.
Strange is that even during change of round robin, some artefacts stays same.

There is probably zero chance to edit iconica samples, so I would like to ask: how do You handle this?

I’m probably late to the party, but I was very interested in acquiring the Iconica Opus library, so I decided to give it a ride with a trial.
I was very disappointed and saddened by the fact that there is so much noise in the patches. By noise I refer to preamp noise, chair popping, sometimes even voices are heard.

I’d like to know from the users of Iconica, how do you cope with this matter and does this affect your scores in any way. Also, do you believe Steinberg will work on the library in the near future or is it already abandoned?