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I would like to understand what is behind “Violins 1”, “Violins 2”, “Violas”, “Celli”, “Basses”, “Horn Ensemble”, “Trumpet Ensemble”, “Trombone Ensemble” that are included on Iconica Sections & Players (https://www.steinberg.fr/fileadmin/files/PRODUCTS/Sounds/VST_Sound_Instrument_Sets/Iconica_section_and_players/Downloads/Iconica_Sections___Players_Articulations.pdf).
Example for Violins 1 : “Violins 1” being plural, does it mean there is no solo violin on the software? And if it is a violin ensemble, how many violins are on it exactly to compare it to a solo violin?
And the same questions for the 7 others ‘ensemble instruments’ above-mentioned.

Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile: