Iconica Sketch and Percussion Maps

I am trying to get the Bell Tree sound in Iconica Sketch to play back properly in Dorico playback.
The Percussion map called Iconica Sketch Percussion map lists various notes against the names of the various percussion instrments (e.g. snare drum rol and snare drum hit)) and these note names look like they are supposed to function as key switches names in the expressuon map called Iconica Sketch Percussion Map

The trouble is that these keyswitch names do not seem to agree with the keyswitch keyboaed map for the Halion Program called Iconica Sketches Percussion Map.
For example the Dorico Percussion map lists note names above C6 for the some of the various Bell Tree sounds and yet these notes are greyed out in the Halion Sonic UI.
Furthermore in trying to get the notes of Bell Tree that do sound in Halion to sound in dorico playback I cannot get the Dorico playback to sound anything but a single stroke of the bell tree sound and not the continuous sequence of sounds that I should be able to get and which sounds properly in the Halion player…
This happens whether I try to assign a playing technique or a playback technique or a keyswitch to the sample.
I am currently downloading Iconica Sketch and Halion Sonic again in case my samples are not all present and
i will report back to the forum if this turns out to be the case but in the meantime I would really like to
know if anyone else has come across this or a similar problem.

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I did a f ull inastal again but now I can’t see iconica sketch template in the playback templates lis t

Samples all seem to be in correct and iconica sketch playback templates show up but don’t seem to worjkfor Bell Tree samples
Can anyone help wuth this.
Do I need perhaps to create a completrely new playing technique

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When I go to load the Bell Tree instrument in Iconica Sketch NP4 Playback Engine I get a message saying that ‘some samples are missing’.
I have tried installing iconica sketch over and over again with/or without reinstalling Halion Sonic and sometimes including Dorico 5.1 in the reinstall but I still get ‘some samples are missing’ message/

And they do indeed seem to be missing. The samples for Bell Tree sound in the Halion UI are greyed out above C6 but in the Dorico Iconica Percussion map there are sounds listed for Be ll Tree going up to as far as F#6 but these will not play in Halion Sonic. and I’m getting crazy results trying to get playback of Bell Tree sound in Dorico
As far as I can tell the Bell Tree sound is the only one for which there are missing samples
I would be greatful for any ideas as I was planning to use Iconica’s Bell Tree sound in a composition.

The Bell Tree samples don’t sound at all in the NP4 Note performer 4 Playback Engine.

I just tried NP4 playback engine again for Bell Tree and it sounded properly this time and I didn’t
t get the missing samples message this time.
I can only say that I would really like to hear something from another person abouy all this!
Anybody got any ideas?

If you can’t see the Iconica Sketch playback template in Play > Playback Templates, it suggests there’s some missing content on your system. Please do Help > Create Diagnostic Report and attach the resulting zip file here.

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There are just three sounds for bell tree in Iconica Sketch’s Percussion Map patch, on MIDI notes 85 (fast), 87 (medium), and 90 (slow). In the attached project, I’ve created custom playback techniques called Bell Tree Fast, Beel Tree Medium, and Bell Tree Slow, and used them both in the Percussion Map percussion map (via Library > Percussion Maps), and in the percussion playing techniques for the Bell Tree instrument (via Edit Percussion Playing Techniques in Setup mode).

bell-tree.dorico (564.3 KB)


Thanks Daniel
I’m still not sure about the technique names to use for the various different articukations when using NP4 playback engine for,say, HOOPUS.

I sippose the playback of various articulatins would have to be decided by the articulation names used by the HOOPUS engine and I suppose there would be no way of deciding w hether this is the case except by trial and error.
You will no doubt be relieved to know that I was on the right track with-the technique names to be used under the Steinberg Iconica Playback techniquie but I am so plagued by a cerain movement condition that your very straight forward sample project was a great help
I am not sending a diagnostic report as I am no longer getting ‘missing samples’ error messages.
In short thanks for your help and I will keep at it and (hopefully ) sort out the NP4 playback engines
It looks as if there might not be such a lot of savings of time or efficiency if one might have to set up new technniques to be able to recall articulations.
Any how time will tell
Again thanjs for your patience

Hi, I am happy to see update 5.1 with Iconica onboard :slight_smile:
I have been testing perc.map with Suspended Cymbal and wanted to get a muted, short cymbal like there is muted/stop key Timpani. Is there a sign to apply in Write mode to mute cymbal? Or maybe I should set RELEASE parameter to 3-5 ( sounds good), but which CC is that?

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@MarcInEr, you can’t set the Release parameters via MIDI CC, I’m afraid. Hopefully in a future version we will have a way of automating these non-CC parameters in HALion, but right now it’s not possible.

@Julian_C, I don’t have HOOPUS so I’m afraid I’m unable to provide any specific assistance with the bell tree in that library. The general principle is the same as I explained in my previous reply, however, so if you use that as an example you should be on the right track.

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Actually I found CC72 in Halion, it works fine, kind of choke cymbal at setting 3-4 :slight_smile:

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Same question on the Tubular bells. How do you silence them? After playing their duration, they go out very slowly, and at the end of the piece, I would like to silence them faster. I don’t see a technique to do that.

So far as I know there is no MIDI instruction that can be used to damp the tubular bells in Iconica Sketch.