Iconica Sketch in Cubase 13

Are the ‘long’ articulations (such as sustain and legato) in Iconica Sketch limited to just pp dynamics level? If so, the library is not very useful. And this is particularly true given that the pp patches have a very long attack time.

Have you ever moved the modwheel?


OK, moving a modwheel obviously helps but should I move it for every MIDI channel in a multitimbral patch in Halion Sonic everytime I hit playback? :wink:

Seriuosly - I actually can’t find a workaround for the OP’s problem. I’m not sure why this library is behaving this way - there’s probably some reason that I don’t understand,.
Whenever I start playback, CC1 resets to 0.
If I insert the CC1 ‘point’ to controller lane at the MIDI part start, it only works fine when a cursor goes past the controller point. Then if I move the playback cursor (e.g. fast forward) further down the part it’s never ‘chased’ and dznamics in Iconica jumps back to ‘ppp’. I have set MIDI chase for controllers to ON and have ticked ‘Never reset chased controllers’ option. Still the dynamics always resets to ‘ppp’ no matter what.
The only solution for me is to insert points for CC1 at least every bar so that I can play any part of the MIDI part.
Is it possible to set the Iconica Sketch instruments CC1 to some kind of ‘default’ expression level to anything else than ‘ppp’? Seriously - how do I play this thing on a keyboard without a modwheel?

On another note: is there some clever workaround for sending the modwheel CC1 message to more MIDI channels in a multitimbral instrument? I know I can create more MIDI tracks but then I kind of don’t understand why multitimbral instruments send CC1 on one channel only?
Isn’t the point of such instruments to control more parts with one keyboard and one set of controllers?
Thanks for any suggestions and ideas!