Iconica Sketch in Cubase v13 vs Iconica "Emsemble"

Can someone tell me whether the included version of Iconica Sketch is included in the “Ensembles” version for 299.-? So basically the slimmed down version of “Ensemble”. I would like to buy the “Ensemble” if I knew that it corresponds to the “Sketch” and goes beyond it.
Since I’m a Nuendo user, I can’t compare the current “Sketch” yet. Unfortunately there is no comparison table.
Thank you.

I think Iconica Sketch is a stripped-down version of Iconica Sections and Players because that’s the variant that comes with all the single instruments and instrument sections, like first violins, celli, solo horn etc.
Iconica Ensembles only contains pre-defined combinations of instruments, like full string ensembles or low strings (celli + basses combined) etc. which is also great for sketching. But in terms of the provided instrument collections, Iconica Ensembles and Sketch are quite different.

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As Daniel said in the Dorico forum