Iconica Sketch Mac No Sound!

I have No Sound in Iconica Sketch in Cubase 13 Pro.
I use MacOS Monterey 12.7.1
My keyboard is Native Instruments S88 MK2 with Komplete Kontrol 14.
The strange thing is that all other synths play and have sound both in Halion Sonic & and others like Retlologue, Padshop etc.
Only Iconica has no sound. I see the keys pressed in the iconic keyboard following my play in S88 and I also see the there is “sound” in the above section of Iconica either in Stacato, legato etc but I hear NOTHING!

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If I understand you right, the sound/patch is there (it has been loaded), but the audio signal is missing, right?

Could you attach a screenshot, please? Can you see any meters? Could you try to increase your Audio Device’s Buffer Size, please?

I see meters alright as if it is playing but there is no sound. When I load a differend instrument in Halion Sonic, I have sound. The same happens if I use a Windows 11 PC instead of a Mac. Only Iconica Sketch has no sound. If I iuse a different keyboard (M-AUDIO 61 OXYGEN) I have sound without doing anything. Could there be an incompatibility with Komplete Kontrol and the S88 Keyboard?

I had a Studio-Logic (Fatar) VFP-3/15 set of pedals connected to my S88 (which is compatible with S88 according to Native Instruments’ related page). When I disconnected it and erase the co.apple.logicpro.cs file from the Preferences section of the User Library in my Mac, ecverything was fixed.

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To me it sounds like you set the Studio-Logic MIDI Pedal as a Mackie Control Device. The MIDI CC64 is assigned to Mute 1st track of the given bank. So, you probably muted the track by accident.

Could this be the case?

If this was the case then the other synths inside Halion would also not play but they do. Only Iconica doesn’t. On the other hand, the Studio Logic pedal is not shown in the Midi Ports within Cubase (neither in the Mackie Control Midi Ports). Only in KOMPLETE KONTROL can it be setup for use with the S88 MK2.