Iconica sketch on Dorico for iPad

How would I know if I have Iconica Sketch setup in my Dorico for iPad? This is what shows when I click on routing on a track in play mode. I have selected a Iconica sketch after pressing the playback reset item in the main menu on the top right of Dorico.

When I click on at instrument, it shows an item sketch. Is this the same as iconica sketch?

You’ll find Iconica Sketch under Built-In in Play mode. The Sketch in Setup mode is just a selection of sketch staves. You can assign any sound to these.

I wish it was spelling Iconica Sketch when the playback engine is rest to that, rather than, Built-in. I assume Iconick Sketch is not built-in. I downloaded it after subscribing to Dorico for iPad. Any how that is confusing.

The Sketch in the Setup ( my second screenshot) has nothing to do with Iconica Sketch, once again raises more confusion!

Yes you are right, it’s Iconica Sketch :wink:
Sometimes a word (the same word) is used in different circumstances; that’s common in all languages, as far as I know. But it can be confusing, you are right!
I would also suggest, that the very general term “Built-in” gets replaced by the actual sound module (= Iconica Sketch).

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built-in software

Computer programs that are built into a computer and available automatically when the computer is switched on. Examples include the word processors, spreadsheets, and graphics programs that are built into most desktop terminals.

From: built-in software in A Dictionary of Business and Management »

Yes @Chikitin , I think since Version 5.0 Dorico has Iconica Sketch VSL built into it’s iPad version.

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