Iconica Sketch playback template

@dspreadbury, the cat is out of the bag re the inclusion of Iconica Sketch in the next update to Dorico 5 and this will be a welcome addition for many, including me. However, users purchasing or upgrading to Cubase 13 get immediate access to the new library and these sounds can be loaded into and played back in Dorico 5 although the lack of a playback template is crippling. I’m hoping you might make even a first draft Dorico pt available for such users even if it will need a facelift when the next Dorico update arrives at the end of the year. My fingers are crossed!

Dorico 5 includes license for Iconica Sketch. You ou don’t need Cubase 13 to get it if you have Dorico 5 Elements or Pro you can install or use it. Install from download assistant.

Beyond that, wait until 5.1 is released with the Template/Maps for it.

Yes, impatience is definitely one of my personality traits! However, considering that Dorico 5 users already have the license to Iconica Sketch and Steinberg had planned on releasing the next Dorico update in October, I think it is reasonable to ask for the release of the playback template that will allow users to make use of the library to which they already have access. I hope Daniel agrees but will accept whatever he decides.

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No, we don’t plan to make the playback template available ahead of the next release, I’m afraid. We’ve made a number of changes to the way the data for our factory playback templates is set up as part of the ongoing work on Dorico 5.1, so it wouldn’t work correctly in Dorico 5.0.20. (The factory playback templates will also all have new names as of Dorico 5.1, to make clearer which sounds from which distinct sets that are supplied with Dorico are used.)


I was inclined to agree with you there, Mike but then saw Daniel’s update explaining the situation – fair enough. I haven’t checked but perhaps there is a Cubase Expression Map which would help as a workaround in the meantime?

Will Dorico 5.1 have templates for the bigger Iconica libraries a well?

That’s not something we’ve been working on at the moment, no. “Big” Iconica is a bit harder to make playback templates for because the articulations can all be remapped in the HALion interface.

IIRC, when Iconica first came out, @John_at_Steinberg did a Discover Dorico session on it and also made some templates available for it.

They are still posted here.

If you are planning to use this template, it would be wise to check out John’s Discover Dorico YouTube video.

(I have since had difficulty with the VSL template in one of my older files, but that should not affect the straight Iconica template.)

There is also an Iconica NPPE module for NP4.

Thanks @Derrek. I have tried both John’s template for the “Big” Iconica and the trial version of the NPPE template but neither work for the “Sketch” version of the library. I haven’t checked to see if there is a Cubase template for the more compact version that could be a useful start (as suggested by @dko22) but based on Daniel’s response I think I will likely just wait for the eventual release of 5.1 very late in the year.

FWIW, I’m almost done with a basic PT for the Sketch - away in the weekend, but will post it here monday afternoon unless someone beats me to it :slight_smile:


That would be wonderful! Thank you.