Iconica - some videos and tracks

Video: my first encounter with Iconica Sections&Players, using cello and viola articulations. I used 2CAudio Precedence for positioning the two instances of HALion, cellos slightly to the right, violas slightly to the left, both using the same instance of Breeze 2 on a bus.


My first encounter with the brass sections (trumpets/french horns/trombones/tuba) in Iconica, played/sequenced in LogicX, adding the key-switches to change articulations either on the fly while playing or editing them in the piano roll. The panning of the instruments is only achieved by mixing the various available microphone signals.


Hey Simon, I have both of the Iconica products, and like them. They sound good, are playable, stacking articulations is nice and I’m really keen on being able to create Expression Maps on the fly - makes for a nice integration with Cubase. Not an inexpensive solution, but Steinberg did a nice job with Orchestral Tools creating a very usable library.

Hi Ed - I very much agree - very usable indeed and I’ve only scratched some of it’s surface.

Iconica flute section meets english horn - using only the “close large“ microphone signals from both instruments, the flutes section is positioned slightly to the left, the english horn to the right - using 2CAudio’s Precedence, each track also has it’s dedicated reverb (Breeze 2 with P-Link activated). Dynamic expression played with the modulation wheel.


Processing a harp sequence (which I played with the Iconica harp) with a secret upcoming plug-in (not Steinberg), stepping through twelve custom presets (from letter D–G) - including the crazy transition sounds caused by switching the presets. Track starts dry.


Processing a little improvisation played on the celesta from Iconica section&players with a Kaleidoscope patch from the patchpool subscription series – reverb provided by B2/Breeze 2/Relayer. I love the celesta, beautifully sampled, very expressive, bravo Steinberg!


Do you guys know where I can access detailed info about iconica, I want to know about the content of the different packages and detail about the instruments. How are the solo instruments? Are they intuitively expressive?