iconnectivity iconnectmidi2+ cubase setup


I’ve just purchased an iconnectivity iconnectmidi2+ in order to be able to use a iVCS3 in Cubase.
Cubase will identify the Iconnect without a problem but I must admit, I didn’t manage to get a sound out of this box.
Can someone on here give me a typical setup?
Do I need a MIDI cable to be able to play the app on my Controller keyboard?
Besides a MIDI channel, do I need an extra audio channel to be able to hear the instrument and if so how do I set this audio channel up?

I admit, I don’t have much of a clue about this stuff. You’re help is much appreciated.

Best wishes Vince

Ionnect setup is a little tricky but if you want to get audio from your I device you’ll have to use the Iconnectivity driver in Cubase (or Asio4all).

Thanks! I used ASIO4ALL but to no avail.