ICONS and COLOR question or feature request.

Hi all! :slight_smile:

Why can’t we change ICONS on many selected tracks ( multiple tracks) from track-view or MIXER view in “one go”?
I can only change icons on one track, one at the time.

Its very time consuming to go one by one, example tracks like KONTAKT etc… :unamused:

Same goes with color- I can’t change multiple tracks- color in “one go” from the MIXER-view.
From Track-View I can use COLOR TOOL thought to change multiple tracks- color in “one go”, but it would convenient to be able to do that from MIXERVIEW as well.

Same goes with Import of ICONS. Why can’t I select many pictures in “one go” to import into Cubase 7?
Also why can’t I organize my ICONS into maps, example VIOLIN, HORNS, VOCAL, BUS, DRUMS, GUITAR, SYNTHS, SOFTWARE SYNTHS-maps? As for now my ICONS view in CUBASE 7 start get overclouded now. I need to scroll to see all my icons.

I’m very surprise that Steinberg hasn’t thought about this and add multitask functionality “in one go” already or has I overlooked something? If not please add this functionality in a service update.

Thanks in advance

Best Regards

Can’t speak for the icons, but you can change colors on multiple selected tracks using the color tool dropdown box.