Icons cut off, oversized

See attached link. all the note icons in the side menu as well many other are oversized and the top half is cut off.

Along, this same vein. Would it be possible to get UI scaling separate from computer settings? I work on a surface and am used to running at 150% which causes the side panels to take up most of the screen and not leave much room to work.

Once a lot of key features are implemented I think Dorico will bypass Sibelius and Finale easily. Keep up the good work!

The cut-off notes are an issue we’ve seen intermittently on Windows computers but are still trying to pin down as it’s hard to reproduce. Restarting Dorico often fixes the issue.

I tried restarting. It didn’t go away until I restarted then started a blank project. Reopening already started projects didn’t seem to do anything.

A possibly more permanent fix would be to take the Dorico-Icons.ttf font inside the Dorico application folder and to actively install it into the Windows Fonts folder via Control Panel.

I’m having the same issue. I’ve ensured that the DoricoIcons-Regular.ttf is installed, and restarted both my computer and Dorico. Daniel (or anyone else from Steinberg), what do you need me to do to help you diagnose the cause of the issue? Incidentally, the font I’ve installed was DoricoIcons-Regular.ttf, from Dorico/Fonts/ folder. I can’t find any other fonts in the application folder except the various flavours of SourceSansPro. There wasn’t a font called Dorico-Icons.ttf, but I’m wondering if it was the DoricoIcons-Regular.ttf that you were referring to?

Yes, Tim, that was the font I was referring to; apologies for being imprecise in my previous reply.

We believe we’re on the tail of this problem, so hopefully it will be addressed in the first post-release update. For now, restarting Dorico is the only known cure, but it’s a temporary one.

Thanks Daniel - I appreciate the reply. It’s an interesting road, getting used to Dorico after decades of Sibelius use, but I can see the fantastic potential of the approach you’ve taken. I know you’re having to do a lot of fire-fighting, so I’ll just add my voice to those saying “Thank you” for everything you’ve done, and are continuing to do. I’m looking forward to the first patch - I suspect it will be another quantum leap forwards.