iCPro and Cubase 8

Hey guys I was wondering if if iCPro was working for anyone else in Cubase 8. It shows up in the device menu but when I select the computer to connect to on the tablet nothing happens but it works fine with 7.5 I’m wondering if they have to update the app Thanks

Is anyone successfully using ioCPro with Cubase 8?

I am. It works perfectly with
Cubase 8 Pro on Win7 64bit Ultimate.

Have you installed the SKI Remote?

works here.

Hmm strange the ski shows up in the devices but it just doesn’t connect and like I said it works fine in 7.5 Thanks guys

I’m guessing a Windows firewall issue or a “Bonjour” issue?

there’s a troubleshooting guide here :

I got it. Cubase 8 was blocked by Windows firewall. Thanks again guys

Been thinking about getting iC Pro but see that it only supports up to v7.5 at the moment. Has anyone tried it with v8?

For you Android users, what’s your experience been on phones not listed on the recommended devices list…Galaxy Note 4, S5, One (M8), etc.

My use would primarily be as a mixing aid…moving around to different spots in my rooms, adjusting the mix on the fly instead of running back and forth to the mixing desk.

Thanks in advance.


As you can see above, it works just fine.

I use it as a simple remote control when I’m recording myself and it works great. I use it on 2 different tablets and a cheap phone and they all work.

i re-installed the ski remote, but it doesn’t show up when i go to “add devices”
edit - found it at the top doh!

I missed it yesterday because it’s the first selection in the add device pop down box. I was looking down the list in alphabetical oreder

My favourite use? Give it to talent to mix their cue levels with. Blows away clients of all ages—and, for the more serious cats, it’s like the big studios with their headphone distributors and mixers—except at 1/1000th the cost!